F# Light

Posted on 27 August 2015

F# Light Changes and Features

Minor fixes and improvements:

e.g. this code

let x = 0
in printfn "x: %d" x

printfn "x: %d" x

will fail in compile time with error “Not in scope: x

let x = 0
    y = 1
in printfn "x: %d, y: %d" x y
let lst5n6  = map ((+) 4) [ 1;2 ]
    arr5n6  = map ((+) 4) [|1;2|]
    lst5n6' = (+) <!> [4] <*> [1;2]

Note: you already can use it with F#+

currently you can’t compile Seq.map (fun fi -> fi.Name) fis and that’s why you need that pipe fis |> Seq.map (fun fi -> fi.Name) source. You simply can’t have

let f = exp

if exp if some expression and you need

let f x = x |> exp

now you can just use real point-free programmign style.

Breaking changes:

You can use it with old F# right now!

Since F# Light can generate native binaries it also can generate native FFI shared libraries. And they could be called from current F# alike that:

module FSharp

open System
open System.Runtime.InteropServices

[<DllImport("FSharpLight.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)>]
extern void hs_init
   ( IntPtr argc
   , IntPtr argv)

[<DllImport("FSharpLight.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)>]
extern void hs_exit()

[<DllImport("FSharpLight.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)>]
extern int fSharpLight(string str)

printfn "Initializing runtime..."
hs_init(IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero)

    printfn "Calling to FSharpLight..."
    let result = fSharpLight("F#")
    printfn "Got result: %d" result
| _ as ex -> printfn "Error: %s" ex.Message

it could be compiled with fsc simply alike:

set fsc="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\F#\3.1\Framework\v4.0\fsc.exe"
%fsc% hs.fs


  , ForeignFunctionInterface

module FSharpLight where

import Foreign.C.String
import Foreign.C.Types

foreign export ccall
  fSharpLight  CString  IO CInt

fSharpLight  CString  IO CInt
fSharpLight c_str = do
  str     peekCString c_str
  result  fs_foo str
  return $ fromIntegral result

fs_foo  String  IO Int
fs_foo str = do
  putStrLn $ "Hello, " ++ str
  return (length str + 42)

sadly for now there is no FSharpLight compiler but you can simply use GHC

ghc -O2 --make -no-hs-main -shared -o FSharpLight.dll FSharpLight.hs

and run the whole thing with

set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. && "FSharp.exe"


Initializing runtime...
Calling to FSharpLight...
Hello, F#
Got result: 44

It’s a parody to this blog post :) Happy Hacking